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facial area similar to a dropped pie and unpleasant being a hat stuffed with arseholes are two australian variations which i like

You wouldn’t although consult with a middle-aged particular person being a Chav. ‘Shaver’ as in ‘younger shaver’ referring into a cheeky youngster arises from precisely the same resource, even though it’s less usually heard now.

When a girl is known as aquiring a “red comb” it means she’s prepared to “lay” much like a chicken when it’s comb is study….

4743 My Pal thinks he is smart. He instructed me an onion is the only food items which makes you cry, so I threw a coconut at his experience. funny jokes

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ten. Dodgy – Shady character. Partially right: A personality is often dodgy but so can inanimate objects.

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Um…no. “Wanker” and “tosser” possess the exact same this means and it’s not both of the ones you posted below. get more info They equally imply a person who is so unattractive they can have only intercourse with their right hand.

Anything like “In Health practitioner Who Rose’s family members was chav.” Or “Rose’s Mother gave the impression of a pikey compared to other companions.” I know what they’d say in Atlanta possessing lived in Georgia Pretty much ten years but I hoped in order to be pejorative in the UK in addition.

‘Twat’ is also a term I ought to have predicted to discover; indeed ‘to twat’ which means to strike someone.

A sandwich wanting check here a picnic getting among my distinct favourites. Dunderhead is another one particular. I'm seeking that East of Atlanta since the R Term just seems click here to cover everything mentally challenged in Georgia. I also discover the term spazz abhorent but once more that is definitely seen as appropriate in the United States.

Apologies didn’t imply to put that there before I’d completed! Another thing I did need to indicate is normally ‘Chav’ is actually a noun to explain/insult individuals- generally speaking use it tends to go over how they costume/fashion on their own… i.e. Cheryl Cole, Cher Lloyd and many others…

Wank and toss are typically interchangeable but it might never be right to claim that you choose to ‘couldn’t give a wank’ – hardly ever. One more term which might be blended for comedian effect: “Oh that’s quite funny that is certainly, did you think that up by yourself wankchops”?

chavtastic (a chav carrying a Burberry baseball cap / shell accommodate / tracksuit bottoms/ Fats gold chain all-around neck)

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